Student Spotlight: ​Madhurima Kota

Madhurima Kota has seen The Ohio State University grow over her life. Kota even toured The James before it was open, imagining that she will be a doctor one day. Now, this Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars (DSWS) student's dreams of helping people are close to reality with optometry school on the horizon.

Madhurima Kota

Why did you choose The Ohio State University?

I have watched the university grow and develop. Including the academic campus and all the new additions to the medical campus. I was the person who would go on all the tours The James offered throughout its development just to pretend I was a doctor. With my mother working for the Wexner Medical Center, I was there frequently and the campus only grew on me. I went from not wanting to be so close to home, to now working towards a future hopefully at the Medical Center.

Why did you choose neuroscience as a major?

My mother was the one who emphasized compassion in my childhood and she made it a point to always give back. I want to take what she taught me and be able to comfort everyone I encounter and expand my support to underdeveloped areas. I live by the motto, do everything you can, and then just a little bit more because I'm always pushing myself to grow and exceed my limits. I have the same outlook on my current neuroscience studies and my future, where I not only want to become a physician but take it to the next level and expand my duties.

How has The Ohio State Scholars Program contributed to your college experience?

I am so glad I made the decision to be in Honors and Scholars because I have met some amazing people. I can confidently say that every single individual in DSWS program is my friend, and I don't think that I would've gotten such a tight-knit community of strong, motivated individuals anywhere else! But it isn't just the people. The culture that my scholars carries is unbelievable. It makes me want to continually grow and better myself because many of our conversations are around student leadership and wellness. Also, the interaction between students from all years that our program provides is so important because then I am always engaging with new people and understanding their unique perspectives. I've learned so much from the classes above and below me. If I were to do it again, I would still choose DSWS because I know that no matter what, I would have experiences and friends for a lifetime!

What is your why for wearing a mask?

My why for wearing a mask is the same as my why for ending pediatric cancer and blood disorder; every kid deserves to live out their dreams. I am heavily involved in BuckeyeThon and these kids fall under the at-risk population for Covid-19. Now more than ever, they need us to follow the rules and help stop the spread of the virus!

What does #TogetherAsBuckeyes mean to you?

#TogetherAsBuckeyes means that every single student, staff, fan, and everyone in the Buckeye Nation comes together to fight for the same goal.

Are there any professors or staff who have helped you?

My advisor, Dr. Lauren Strand, is one of the best people I have met at Ohio State. Although her job is to advise, she takes it one step further and encourages. If I ever bring anything to her, she's always told me to go after it and helped me grow my self-confidence and motivation!

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I want to pursue an OD/MBA. Along with medicine, I have such a great interest in the business field. I think this interest comes from growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. My parents taught my brother and me how to take our dinner table ideas table and turn them into reality. My father is definitely where I got my creativity and love of business. I want to take my interest in business and passion for medicine and hopefully combine them in the future.