Honors and Scholars Center Staff

Profile photo of Ahlqvist
Ola Ahlqvist
Executive Director Honors & Scholars
Profile photo of Gullo
Katy Gullo
Executive Assistant, Academic Enrichment
Profile photo for Humbel-Courtney
Julie Humbel-Courtney
Program Director, Honors
Profile photo for Mills
Karrie Mills
Program Director, Scholars
Filler Photo
Chip Tuson
Advancement Specialist, Academic Enrichment
Ty Wright
Ty Wright
Communications Specialist, Academic Enrichment

Undergraduate Fellowship Office

Louise Ling Edwards
Louise Ling Edwards
Undergraduate Fellowship Coordinator
Janet Schroeder
Janet Schroeder
Undergraduate Fellowship Program Manager


Haley Quinlan
Haley Quinlan
Academic Success & Enrichment Specialist, Honors
Profile photo of Ward
Rebecca Ward
Program Manager, Stamps Eminence


Matthew Altendorf
Matthew Altendorf
Dunn Sport and Wellness
Profile photo of Basford
Melissa Basford
Biological Sciences
Profile photo of Baughman
Brett Baughman
Environment and Natural Resources
Devika Carr
Devika Carr
Law and Society
Profile photo of Fortman
Ben Fortman
Ada Keohane
Ada Keohane
Humanitarian Engineering
Jill Klimpel
Jill Klimpel
International Affairs
Profile photo of Krajnak
Kathy Krajnak
Mount Leadership Society
Ashley Lippincott
Ashley Lippincott
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Profile photo of Makupson-Tilford
Shalonda Makupson-Tilford
Profile photo of McIntyre
David McIntyre
Media, Marketing and Communications
Ally Michalski Miller
Ally Michalski Miller
Health Sciences
Profile photo for Patterson
Zac Patterson
STEM Exploration and Engagement
Filler Photo
Lorraine Pennyman
Shawn Sheridan
Shawn Sheridan
Advocate for Communities and Education Scholars
Profile photo of Suer
Roman Suer

If the program manager you are searching for is not listed, please visit the Scholar's Program page to find a person of contact.