Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars

The mission of the Media, Marketing and Communication (MMC) Scholars Program is to create a supportive, close-knit residential community while providing students with hands on opportunities to learn digital media skills and to explore career options.

​​In the MMC Scholars Program, students:

  • Expand their skills in the digital media of their choice with access to cutting edge digital equipment
  • Participate in team projects that teach basic marketing principals and communication strategies
  • Explore career interests while looking ahead to the new communication/technology skills these fields will demand in the future
  • Learn to communicate creatively and more effectively using new technologies
First Year

In the first year, our focus is exploration and discovery. Students are encouraged to look into career interests while they get hands on experience learning new digital media.

Second Year

In the second year, MMC students have more options for how they can participate in the program. They can continue to learn in project groups, but they can also teach project groups, do an internship, or focus more on career discovery.

Third and Fourth Years

W​e know that students needs are changing in the 3rd and 4th years, because most are more focused on their majors and get internship and co-op experience. We support students with professional development workshops where they can learn how to improve their resume, how to begin their job search and how to use LinkedIn and other social media appropriately.


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Application Info


For more information regarding the Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars, please contact the program coordinator, David McIntyre at (614) 247-8747 or by email at​.​​


In their first semester, MMC Scholars students will take a Scholars Seminar class together where they are introduced to the MMC theme. The key component of the MMC Scholars Seminar is a Group Marketing Project. In the first half of the seminar, students will begin to think about career issues as they learn basic marketing principals through a group activity. This year groups create ideas for  apps that would work with a smartwatch. In the second half of the seminar, the groups prepare a marketing pitch that is scored/graded by classmates. 

Clustered Courses

Students also have the option to take Freshman Composition as a "clustered" course, which means that they would take it with other freshman Scholars students.


Events and Activities

Signature Programs

​​​The Signature activity that MMC Scholars is most known for is the Digital Sandbox. The Digital Sandbox is a collection of 20+ student led project groups, where students will get hands on experience with digital media. Each student has the choice to participate in any of the 20 groups (ex; video, mobile apps, graphics, audio recording, 3D modeling/animation, etc). We also host Digital Sandbox Project Showing Parties, an event where students present the digital media projects they have been working on.

Building a close-knit community is a goal for all Scholars programs, so in addition to the Digital Sandbox, MMC Scholars also participate in traditional events where they meet older MMC Scholars, do community service and sometimes, just have fun.

  • MMC Video Scavenger Hunt - A fun group building event where students video themselves doing different tasks around campus
  • MMC Trip to NYC - A career educational trip where students get the chance to visit companies doing cutting edge digital media)
  • ​​Meet the Alumni Event - An event where MMC Alums return to meet with students in small groups to talk about their respective careers
The MMC Digital Sandbox

The main focus of the MMC Scholars program is to provide hands-on experience with various digital media, equipment and software applications. These opportunities allow for students to explore possible careers including advertising, public relations, web design, media production, business management and more. 

MMC Scholars can explore the following media: 

  • Graphics
    • Students learn to use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

    • Students will get to experience making posters, publications and identities/logos
  • Web Design
    • No experience necessary
    • Web 1: students can learn to make their first webpage
    • Web 2: students with previous experience will learn to use WordPress and PHP applications
  • Animation
    • ​Students learn the basics of programs like Lightwave, Maya and 3D StudioMax
  • Video
    • Shoot, direct and edit short films
    • 3 act plots and documentaries
    • Learn software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and After Effects
  • Audio Production
    • No experience needed
    • Play/record music using Protools
    • "Remix" using Fruity Loops and Garageband
  • Mobile Apps and Programming
    • Basic programming skills required

    • Students can learn C++ programming basics
    • Students can learn to make apps for Android mobile devices
    • Students can learn to make apps for iPhones and iPads
  • Marketing/Public Relations - For Upper-class MMC students

    • ​Student teams will get practical experience by creating entire PR and/or Marketing strategy for a local company​



Each Scholars Program features a first-year residential community that provides students with a peer-network of high-ability students with similar interests. First-year Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars students are given priority to live together in Morrill Tower on West Campus.** Commuters are welcome to be a part of our Scholars programs.

**Please note that space in the prescribed residence halls is not guaranteed and students can be placed in other accommodations due to program demand if necessary.

MMConnect Mentor Program

Students have an opportunity to be grouped with upperclassman with similar majors and career interests.

MMC Leadership Teams

Student leaders are interviewed and chosen early in fall semester so they can begin planning activities and events for fellow students.


MMC Scholars has several opportunities for service throughout the year. Some of those include Community Commitment, MLK Day of Service, and Buckeyethon Dance Marathon.


Morrill Tower