Office of Academic Enrichment Honors and Scholars Center

Stamps Eminence Scholarship Program

The mission of the Stamps Eminence Scholarship Program is to ensure that each Scholar maximizes their personal, professional, and civic growth through an inclusive and supportive program that prepares them for their next steps as a changemaker.

The vision of the Stamps Eminence Scholarship Program is to cultivate leaders effect positive change within their professions and communities locally, nationally, and globally. Alumni will make a difference in their respective fields by employing innovative strategies that lead to transformational change.   


  • Small cohort living and learning community.
  • Access to research, leadership, and service opportunities as early as first year.
  • Seminars and workshops that address group and individual goals.
  • Dedicated advising and access to distinguished faculty network.
  • University Honors Program benefits.


  • Full cost of attendance to The Ohio State University for 8 full time enrolled semesters
  • Up to $5,000 enrichment grant funding