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Honors students are required to live in an Honors residence hall or another university approved learning community. As a part of one of these living environments you will receive:​

  • A strong Honors community and sense of tradition

  • A peer network of high-ability students who are successful in balancing involvement in academic and social activities

  • Access to other Honors students who are also taking Honors courses - makes it easier to find other students to go to class with and form study groups!

  • Increased levels of faculty involvement in residence hall activities

  • University Honors & Scholars Center staff members meet regularly with Honors residence hall directors and frequently participate in residence hall programs

  • Opportunities for involvement in residence hall government and Honors activities​

Honors Halls

Ohio State has three Honors residence halls, one on each residential area of campus. Students who are accepted into the Honors Program must live in Honors Housing or another approved university learning community. University Housing has detailed information about each of these residence halls, including amenities, room dimensions and residence hall staff available on their website. Watch this Youtube video​ about all of Ohio State's campus living options. 

North Campus

  • Taylor Tower is designed as a quad where four students share a bedroom, a common room, and a bathroom within the room.

South Campus

  • Bradley Hall typically houses students in 2-person rooms; however, some are assigned to triples and quads.

West Campus

  • Lincoln House features 8 and 10 person suites with a common area, a bathroom and four bedrooms. Most students living in Lincoln House reside in doubles; however, some live in quads.​