Honors Housing

Honors students have the option to live in an Honors residence hall or another university approved learning community. As a part of one of these living environments you will receive:

  • A strong Honors-focused community and sense of tradition
  • Access to activities and programs designed specifically for high-ability students that assist in supporting overall student success
  • A network of Honors peers who are experienced in balancing academic and social activities and who are also taking Honors courses - which makes it easier to find other students to go to class with and form study groups!
  • Increased levels of faculty involvement in residence hall activities and programs
  • Collaborative support from Honors and Scholars and residence hall staff members, who meet regularly and frequently participate in residence hall programs
  • Opportunities for involvement in residence hall councils and Honors activities

Honors Halls

Ohio State has three Honors residence halls, one on each residential area of campus as a living option for our Honors students. Please note that Honors students living in an Honors residence hall will be unable to preference a roommate outside of the Honors program. University Housing has detailed information about each of these residence halls, including amenities, room dimensions and residence hall staff available on their website. Watch this YouTube video​ about all of Ohio State’s campus living options. 

North Campus

  • Taylor Tower is designed as a quad where four students share a bedroom, a common room, and a bathroom within the room.

South Campus

  • Bradley Hall typically houses students in 2-person rooms; however, some are assigned to triples and quads.

West Campus

  • Lincoln House features suite-style living with a common area, a bathroom and four bedrooms.

Honors Community Advocates

Honors Community Advocates (HCAs) are second-year Honors students living in one of the three Honors residence halls.  HCAs assist with community building and academic enrichment efforts in the Honors halls and provide peer-to-peer support and guidance to first-years on how to make the most of the Honors experience.

HCAs are a wealth of knowledge for first-year Honors students, and will be readily available in the Honors Halls to provide opportunities to engage in G.O.A.L.S. related programs or answer questions students may have surrounding involvement, time-management, community service, wellness, academic success, and other University Honors initiatives​.

Honors Community Council  

Honors Community Council (HCC) is a student-led, staff-guided organization within the University Honors Program that aims to build an inclusive and supportive community for all Honors students. HCC strives to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for their peers through collaborative and innovative programs centered around the G.O.A.L.S. and Wellness. Each HCC member helps plan events through one of our three committees: Global Awareness Leadership Development, Academic Enrichment, Original Inquiry, and Service Engagement & Wellness. 


As a group, HCC participates in impactful and relevant leadership experiences based in experiential learning, critical thinking, and creativity, all while building a synergetic and driven organization and Honors community. Recruitment for HCC happens every Fall Semester, and joining HCC is a great way to share your perspective on the Honors experience, support your Honors peers, and continue to learn from and engage with the University Honors Program throughout your entire journey at Ohio State.