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Honors Resources

Many Ohio State faculty contribute to the success of Honors students across our campuses. The Honors and Scholars Center supports this community by providing access to resources that actualize Honors education at Ohio State.  Discover resources on: 



The University Honors and Scholars Center is driven by our mission and vision. In addition, our programs are guided by shared outcomes: every program, event, experience, or course offered by the University Honors Program are intentionally designed to ensure that students: 

  1. Appreciate how curiosity, exploration, and perseverance, are fundamental to the process of learning and the satisfaction of accomplishment.  
  1. Employ appropriate approaches (frameworks), or methodologies (procedures) for the purpose of learning and engaging within or across fields and disciplines. 
  1. Demonstrate the intellectual, interpersonal, and cognitive skills that prepare them to be engaged citizens and leaders for life by productively interacting with people, processes, and tools. 
  1. Understand, read, listen, compose, and speak in a variety of genres and modalities, both individually and as active collaborators, for a range of purposes and audiences. 
  1. Define and assess the extent to which their academic, personal, or professional efforts are relevant, to themselves and others. 
  1. Reflectively evaluate themselves in the context of their values, the feedback of others, and their experiences to create or revise goals.