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Pursue Academic Excellence and Rigor

The University Honors Program promotes intellectual and personal development of undergraduate students through an enriched academic experience and integration of curricular and co-curricular programming. Students in the Honors program have the opportunity to take classes from an advanced curriculum, including over 350 sections of Honors courses averaging fewer than 25 students. Honors students also have the opportunity to live in one of three designated Honors residential learning communities, which feature events and activities to support Honors students in connecting with peers, faculty and resources across campus​.


Foster Passion Through Community

​​The Ohio State Scholars Program offers students the chance to live and learn with other students who share similar interests through 16 specialized communities​. Each of the Scholars programs is centered around a unique theme, ranging from academic and professional pursuits to critical issues and leadership development. Students are able to engage in a wide range of learning experiences that are coordinated by their Scholars program manager, a professional staff member who serves as an advocate and resource for students.