Future Students

The Ohio State University has two separate programs – The University Honors Program and the Ohio State Scholars Program. Both programs are exceptional with different paths, leading to an OSU diploma.

The programs are structured around our G.O.A.L.S. Honors focuses on an enhanced curricular experience in the classroom and laboratories. Honors students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum. Scholars focuses on a co-curriculum experience outside of the classroom but still academic in nature. Students apply for one of 16 learning communities centered around a particular theme or area of interest.    

Students utilize networks within the Ohio State and greater Columbus communities to develop and practice personal and professional skills. This includes an Honors advisor who helps monitor your Honors requirements, helps figure out who you want to be and helps set you up for success. Each Scholars Program includes a program manager who arranges activities and opportunities around the theme of your program as well as being an excellent resource for you.  

The early action deadline for The Ohio State University is November 15 to be fully considered for Honors and Scholars programs and for any merit awards for which a student may be eligible. The final deadline to apply to Honors and Scholars is February 1. Students must indicate their interest in the Honors or Scholars programs on their Common Application.  

Decisions will be made in the spring of each year.