You're a Buckeye, now what? Find resources below that will help you be a successful student at The Ohio State University.

Honors Courses

Honors students enjoy University-Level Priority Scheduling, making them among the first to schedule courses each semester. This scheduling privilege enables students to meet the expectations and requirements of the Honors Program, including a challenging curriculum, maintenance of a minimum GPA of 3.4 or 3.5, and completion of specific College Honors requirements.

Honors Residence Halls

The honors residential learning community gives students a peer network of high achieving students who are successful in balancing involvement in academic and co-curricular activities.

Scholars Programs

Live and learn with other students who share similar interests. Each of the 16 Scholars programs is centered around a theme or area of study and is open to all students regardless of major. Take a closer look here

Scholars Residence Halls

As a Scholars student you will be required to live in the Scholars residence hall with the Scholars students in your particular program during your first year unless you are a commuting Central Ohio resident. For more information, click here.

Honors and Scholars Events

Orientation Sessions

Welcome Week 

Buckeye Bound 

Eminence Fellows Finalist Week 

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum 

Eminence Senior Reception Dinner

Get Involved

There are over 1,400 student organizations at Ohio State and over half of all students join a student organization. Students who choose to get involved achieve many positive outcomes.

Find a Student Organization


Upcoming Dates for Buckeyes

  • 08/16/2022 - Initial class fees due 
  • 8/22/2022 - Welcome week begins
  • 08/23/2022 - First day of fall classes 
  • 8/28/2022 - Autumn Student Involvement Fair 
  • 8/29/2022 - First full week of classes, first Day of STEP Cohorts
  • 9/6/2022 - Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival (AURF) and 3-Minute Thesis Competition application open
  • 9/30/2022 - Homecoming Parade
  • 10/9/2022 - AURF application due
  • 10/9/2022 - 3-Minute Thesis Competition application due 
  • 10/13/2022 - Fall break begins 
  • 11/2/2022 - AURF & 3-MT Comp. 
  • 11/10/2022 - STEP Expo
  • 11/23/2022 - Thanksgiving break begins
  • 12/7/2022 - Classes end
  • 12/12/2022 - URAP and Holbrook application open
  • 12/15/2022 - Exams end
  • 12/18/2022 - Commencement  
  • 12/21/2022 - Denman application opens
  • 12/23/2022 - Christmas break begins 

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