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Kuhn House

Kuhn Honors and Scholars House

Kuhn Honors and Scholars House is home to the University Honors and Scholars Center. It is named for Professor of English, Provost, and University Honors Director Emeritus Albert J. Kuhn, who retired from the University in 1988. 

​This Tudor-revival house dates back to 1925, when the Ohio State Board of Trustees approved plans to build a new residence for the university president. It was completed in 1926, at a cost of about $72,000. George Rightmire, the sixth Ohio State president, and his family became the first to live in the new University Residence, moving in during the summer of 1926. Ohio State presidents Howard Landis Beavis and Novice G. Fawcett also lived in the residence during their terms. 

In 1972, shortly before President Fawcett's retirement, the University Residence was moved off campus. The house was then used by a variety of university offices, including the National Center of Educational Media and Materials for the Handicapped and the College of Administrative Science (now the Fisher College of Business). In 1987, the University Honors and Scholars Center staff moved in. From 1991-92, the house was extensively remodeled to include new seminar and meeting rooms, student and staff office space, a conservatory, and a workroom.

Kuhn Honors and Scholars House is now a first-class facility for classes, studying, meetings, special events, and administration of the university's Honors and Scholars Program. It is your house, and we invite you to use it.

Kuhn Honors and Scholars House Space Reservation Requests

Kuhn House spaces are available to Office of Academic Enrichment units and partners for co-curricular activities and student engagement opportunities. The following rooms are available for reservations: 

Primary Spaces

Kuhn 100 (Living Room)

Living room space on first floor with various round tables, furniture, and fireplace. Room is best suited for small group activities, circle discussions, and fireside chats.  

Kuhn 102 (Conference/Dining Room)

The old dining room now functions as a conference room with one long table able to seat up to 16 people.  

Kuhn 201 (Classroom)

The upstairs classroom is able to accommodate 24 people in a number of arrangements with modular tables and chairs.  

Additional Spaces (subject to reservation based on additional criteria)

Kuhn Kitchen

Kuhn House is equipped with a kitchen space. The Kitchen is reservable as an additional auxiliary space for event food with the reservation of a primary space.  

Kuhn Patio

The patio outside of Kuhn is available to reserve with the reservation of a primary space. Please note, Browning Amphitheater outside of Kuhn is not affiliated with the center and requires a separate reservation process. 

Kuhn 101

The lobby swing space is ideal for 1-on-1 style meetings. This space is primarily used as a drop-in space for UR&CI and UFO advising meetings. This space can only be reserved by internal OAE employees.  

Kuhn 003

The basement workroom is reservable for small group meetings. This space is only reservable by internal OAE employees.  


Follow the steps below to reserve space in Kuhn house for a meeting or an event. 

  1. Determine which space you want based on the options above 
  2. Check the availability of your desired space(s) using the Outlook Calendars for each room to see if the space is available on your proposed date(s). See Opening a shared calendar and search for the primary space calendars by using their names (as listed above) beginning with “+SAE”.
  3. If the space you want to reserve appears to be available, please complete the form below. 

Please note: 

  • All reservation requests must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the date of your event 
  • Please allow up to five business days for your request to process 
  • No requests are finalized until approval from the Office of Academic Enrichment administrative team 
  • Spaces are only reservable one year in advance for Office of Academic Enrichment internal staff and three months in advance for OAE campus partners 
  • Reservations for Kuhn House must have a currently employed Ohio State faculty or staff event advisor/coordinator/sponsor, who will be in attendance during the event/meeting 
  • All events must adhere to the Kuhn usage guidelines regarding cleanup and proper care of the House. If guidelines are not followed, you will lose booking privileges. 

Reserve Space in Kuhn