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Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars

The Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars (ACES) Program is designed for students of all majors with an interest in learning about the various elements of communities and advocacy for communities through education, awareness, and service. Go Bucks!

The program enables Scholars to examine a variety of community issues through lectures, discussions, excursions, and volunteer experiences. Students in this program have diverse career goals including but not limited to: education, counseling, event planning and programming, financial planning, health promotion, dietetics, administration, social work, medicine, non-profit and business.

Highlights of this program include attending lectures, seminars and discussions with speakers on topics relating to communities and education; planning and participating in events including museum trips, participating in a mentorship program with a local high school, workshops and job shadowing; and gaining hands on experience through a variety of service opportunities.


ACES have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and community leaders inside and outside of the classroom. The programs offered compliment what students are learning in the classroom and offer personal connection that other students do not find.

Seminar Course

All first-year ACES will enroll in the scholars seminar course (1100) during autumn semester. During the seminar course, students will...

  • Develop a full understanding of key topics and concepts related to communities and education
  • Engage in critical and analytical scholarly discourse with both peers and individuals across campus and the local community

​Students in the scholars programs receive​ college level priority scheduling which allows students to schedule classes at the beginning of their rank. 

Common Majors

We welcome students from all majors in our program. A variety of majors makes ACES even better. 

  • Art Education
  • Business
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Consumer and Family Financial Services
  • Early Childhood Development and Education
  • English
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Fashion and Retail Studies
  • Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Education
  • Health and Exercise Science
  • Health Promotion and Nutrition
  • History
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human Nutrition
  • Middle Childhood Development and Education
  • Music Education
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Special Education
  • Speech and Hearing Science
  • Sport Industry


Tuttle Park Clean Up

Events and Activities

Through specialized programming, ACES gain knowledge and insight into important educational, social, economic, and political issues affecting today’s communities. Students are encouraged to explore different fields to ensure their comfort with their chosen career path. Lectures, workshops, discussions, and site visits are typical co-curricular opportunities provided by this program. 

Community service is also an integral part of the ACES program. Students are encouraged to volunteer in a variety of settings related to communities. Through these experiences, students develop a deeper awareness of children’s issues such as educational inequality, homelessness, healthcare and economic access to education and other community services. 

Recent examples of programming include:
  • A campus visit by educator and activist Jonathan Kozol
  • A lecture with Ohio Treasurer of State Richard Cordray and the Honorable Jeffrey S. Sutton
  • A Graduate Panel Discussion on the importance of service for the undergraduate curriculum
  • Dinner and Movie Documentaries on various ACES themes, such as poverty, education inequality, service
  • Faculty "chats" from professors in the College of Education and Human Ecology on language development in children, and socialization in society
  • Former ACE Scholars Panel discussing their post-graduate research opportunities


Food Pantry Set Up


Each Scholars Program features a first-year residential community that provides students with a peer-network of high-ability students with similar interests. First-year Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars students are given priority to live together in Smith-Steeb Hall.** Commuters are welcome to be a part of our Scholars programs.

This shared living environment provides ACE Scholars with a close knit community of students who are passionate about making a difference for children. ACE Scholars challenge each other to think critically about the world around them and support one another in their efforts to make a difference.  

**Please note that space in the prescribed residence halls is not guaranteed and students can be placed in other accommodations due to program demand if necessary.

Mentoring Program
  • First year ACES Scholars are paired with upper-class ACES Scholars to help them individually transition into the ACES Scholars community.
  • All ACES Scholars are invited to participate in a mentorship program with a local high school which provides our students the opportunity to develop meaningful connections within the community
Community Meetings & Services 
  • ACES Scholars is proud to provide a food pantry in collaboration with the College of Education and Human Ecology to provide all Ohio State students experiencing food insecurity on campus.
  • ACES Leadership Council is comprised of upper-class ACES Scholars who assist in mentoring and planning program and events. · Community service projects include: participating in Community Commitment, and the MLK Jr. Day of Service, Ronald McDonald House, Star House and more!


Smith Steeb Hall


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