Office of Academic Enrichment Honors and Scholars Center

Scholars Apply

The University Honors Program and the Ohio State Scholars Program​ are specialized programs for academically high achieving students seeking active participation within stimulating communities at Ohio State.

  • Both programs are unique and offer different experiences and options for students in any of Ohio State’s 200+ majors.
  • We do not require a minimum set of criteria for our programs (i.e. minimum test scores or gpa/class rank). All freshmen applicants to the university for the autumn semester on the Columbus campus are welcome to apply to our programs.
  • The application for Honors & Scholars is not an additional application; it is included in the application to the university and can be accessed online through
  • Each of our programs is unique and offer academically motivated and talented students the opportunities and benefits of belonging to a smaller cohort of students within a large thriving public university.
  • Neither program is better than the other. Students are encouraged to research our programs in order to find their best fit. 

Step One

To be fully considered for Honors or Scholars, we strongly recommend that you submit a complete university application (your online admission application and all required materials) by midnight (EST) on November 1.

Visit for further information and to apply for admission to the university.

Step Two

On the application, you will be asked to indicate whether you are applying to University Honors OR Ohio State Scholars. There is not a separate essay prompt this year. We will use the essay that you wrote for the Common Application.

Step Three

The University Honors & Scholars Center is unable to access or review your application until you have been offered admission to Columbus campus for autumn semester. Once admitted, you will move on to a competitive holistic review process.

Applicants are reviewed using a broad set of criteria designed to consider not only past accomplishments but also future promise and potential. Accepted students typically have exceptional or impressive academic records; outstanding essays demonstrating analytical, critical, and creative thinking; quality extracurricular involvement showing genuine commitment and leadership; unique talents or abilities; and willingness to embrace diversity in both ideas and people.​​

Step Four

Additional steps are needed depending upon which program you selected for consideration. You will receive all communication from us via email to your address on file with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please be sure to regularly check your email and to follow all instructions for further action and/or deadlines. Failure to complete required steps may forfeit your offer or placement.​

If you selected The University Honors Program:
  • You will move into the review and selection process for Honors.
  • Our decisions regarding acceptance into Honors will be released on a rolling basis beginning in early-January and ending mid-April.
  • If you are offered placement in The University Honors Program:
  • You will be given Honors affiliation automatically once you pay your acceptance fee to The Ohio State University.
  • The deadline to submit the university acceptance fee is May 1st.​
If you selected The Ohio State Scholars Program:
  • You will be sent an email instructing you to complete an online Scholars Program Interest Form in order to move into the Scholars review process.
  • You MUST complete this online form by the deadline indicated in your email; failure to reply or complete the form will forfeit your chance to be considered for our programs.
  • The online form will ask you to rank order your interest in our 16 Scholars programs
  • Our decisions regarding acceptance into individual Scholars Programs will be released on a rolling basis beginning in early-February and ending mid-April.
  • If you are offered placement into a Scholars Program:
  • You will be given your individual Scholars affiliation automatically once you pay your acceptance fee to The Ohio State University.  
  • The deadline to submit the university acceptance fee is May 1.


Please Note:

  • Selection for Honors & Scholars is a competitive review process with multiple factors, placement is not guaranteed based solely off of your academic record.
  • If selected, you will only be offered placement into ONE of our programs and will not be given an option to choose.
  • All official communication from the Honors & Scholars Center will be sent via email. Notifications will not be mailed to your home address. Please be sure to regularly check the email address filed with Undergraduate Admissions including your spam and junk folders.​