Office of Academic Enrichment Honors and Scholars Center

Ohio State Scholars Program

The Ohio State Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the chance to live and learn with other students who share similar interests. Each of the Scholars programs is centered around a theme or area of study and is open to all students regardless of major.


  • ​Choose from 16 programs with themes ranging from academic and professional pursuits to critical issues and leadership development.
  • Engage in a wide range of learning experiences while living with a Scholars community in a designated residence hall.
  • Connect with a network of faculty, staff and upper-class students with similar interests.
  • Graduate with a Milestone: “completed Ohio State Scholars Program” on your university transcript.​
  • Enroll in designated courses with other Scholars students.
  • Receive college-level priority course scheduling to meet Scholars participation requirements.


  • Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars: Learn about the various elements of communities and how to advocate for communities through education, awareness and service.  
  • Arts Scholars: Create an arts focused community for intellectual, social and civic development. 
  • Biological Science Scholars: Gain exposure to research opportunities while exploring diverse career pathways in the biological sciences.
  • Business Scholars: Examine business, its practice and its environment at the Fisher College of Business. 
  • Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars: Recognize the importance of sport in our society and create lifestyles that value activity, wellness and health.
  • Engineering Scholars: Contemplate the adoption of socially responsible practices within engineering as a means to minimize health risks and environmental impact and maximize efficiency, feasibility and sustainability. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars: Understand the entrepreneurial process by leveraging university resources and support while connecting with like-minded students and the startup community. 
  • Environment and Natural Resources Scholars: Analyze and appreciate global environmental issues while exploring the natural world that surrounds us. 
  • Health Sciences Scholars: Investigate career opportunities in health sciences and healthcare. 
  • Humanitarian Engineering Scholars: Focus on the themes of service-learning and social responsibility within engineering as a means to improve the well-being and meet the needs of an underserved community.   
  • Humanities Scholars: Engage in the fields of literature, languages, philosophy, history and culture.  
  • International Affairs Scholars: Explore world affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective, consider the intersection of global, national, and local issues and develop a global mindset.   
  • Law and Society Scholars: Students from any major use their passion for exploring current legal and related issues in society through the lenses of civil rights and ethical advocacy.
  • Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars: Develop expertise in technological skills and get hands on experience experimenting with today's cutting-edge media.
  • Mount Leadership Society Scholars: The Mount Leadership Society fosters and ethic of service and develops leaders for a diverse society. 
  • STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars: Explore possible careers and engage within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields through mentoring, tutoring and local community outreach programs.