Student Spotlight: Kennedy Johnstone

Kennedy Johnstone is a first-generation college student who found a home and family at The Ohio State University. Now, Johnstone is a graduating senior and looks to the future with hope, equipped with the lessons and love she received at Ohio State.

Kennedy Johnstone

Why did you choose The Ohio State University?

I chose Ohio State because as soon as I stepped on campus, it felt like home. I got a sudden sense that this was my community, my family, and where I was meant to be. The vibe you get while on campus is unparalleled, and the energy is infectious.

Why did you pick Honors and Scholars?
Honors and Scholars helped me get involved as soon as I arrived on campus, in addition to helping me build a sense of community with similar minded students. Being a first-generation college student, I was really overwhelmed with what college would be like and making friends on campus. I thought being involved in a program like Honors or Scholars would help me transition to college life.

Why did you pick your major?

I chose business with a focus on marketing because I truly enjoy being creative and how words and images affect a consumer's perception of a product or service.
How has the Honors and Scholars Program contributed to your college experience?

Honors and Scholars has helped me meet so many amazing people that I am grateful to call my friends and family. I have been able to build a great community as a part of the Humanities Scholars Program. I have gone to cultural events downtown like the Greek Festival, gone on a Chicago trip, attended faculty led discussions about a variety of topics, and even explored different areas of the city of Columbus.

What does #TogetherAsBuckeyes mean to you?

#TogetherAsBuckeyes means playing my part in our collective community to make changes and positive impacts. We are all a part of this community and must do our part to make it a safe and healthy place for everyone to enjoy.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

Right now, I am currently looking for job opportunities since I will be graduating at the end of this semester.