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Eminence Fellows Inaugural Senior Symposium

Eminence Fellows Senior Symposium Highlights


The class of 2023 Eminence Fellows took time to reflect on their journey through The Ohio State University during the inaugural Senior Symposium event on Thursday, January 19.

One-by-one each of the 22 seniors took center stage in the Round Room at the Ohio Union and discussed topics they are passionate about in three sessions. Students shared details on their research, capstone projects, and meaningful experiences about a variety of subjects like writing a novel, the growing life of ticks, visiting Rwanda to study genocide and its aftermath, and much more.

Harrshavasan Congivaram Eminence Senior Symposium
Harrrshavasan Congivaram presents "An 
Unexpected Survivor of Alzheimer's"

Before students are awarded the Eminence Scholarship as high school seniors, they are told they will embark on a unique, four-year journey of academic rigor, service, and leadership as a select group of undergraduate Honors students in the Eminence Program. The symposium’s five-minute lightning talks allowed the seniors to express their academic achievements, intellectual curiosities, high regard for humanity, and significant involvement both on and off campus which is a part of the program’s goals. During the three sessions, the room was filled with family, friends, Ohio State leaders, and other Eminence Fellows.

The symposium also served as an opportunity to bridge the gap between each of the classes with the program. The planning committee consists of first, second, and third-year Fellows. As the graduating Fellows wrap up their academic careers at Ohio State, they will be honored alongside their faculty mentors during a reception ceremony later this semester.

To learn more about the Fellows, you can view their ePortfolios for details about their various projects and involvement following their unique passions.