Honors Programs

Honors Programs are housed within the individual College or Specialized Program. Below is a list of Programs with contact information.


The Architecture Honors  Program is available by application both to incoming freshman and to current Ohio State students who have earned at least a 3.4 GPA from 15 or more credit hours. Honors students are required to enroll ​in six honors or upper-level courses within two years of gaining honors status and maintain a 3.4 GPA throughout their undergraduate studies. Contact ​Jessica Baer-Graves at baer-graves.1@osu.edu​​ or visit the website for more information.

Arts and Sciences

The Honors Program in the Arts and Sciences (ASC) provides high-ability students with opportunities to pursue challenging academic programs.  Honors students are encouraged to construct an enhanced curriculum that includes honors courses, upper-division courses, rigorous sequences, honors seminars, a strong major that includes a significant research experience, and a minor or second major. ​Contact Lindsey Chamberlain at chamberlain.55@osu.edu​ or visit the website for more information.


The Fisher College of Business offers its Honors students the option of applying for and participating in one of four Honors programs that each provide the opportunity to graduate with a diploma designation. The four programs are designed to provide a range of experiences to choose from. Contact Kim Bader at bader.28@osu.edu or visit the website​ for more information.

Education and Human Ecology

The College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) Honors Program seeks to assist motivated and well-prepared students in engaging in a rigorous curriculum and undergraduate research. As part a research institution, Ohio State's EHE faculty believe in the value of the expansion of knowledge through inquiry and scholarly writing, and undergraduate honors students do this through completion of a thesis. A major advantage of the Honors Program is that it enables students to work closely with a faculty member in designing and completing this thesis project. Contact Melissa Solinger at solinger.6@osu.edu or visit the website for more information.


The College of Engineering offers Honors students several ways through which they can distinguish themselves, including designation as an Honors student, Graduation With Honors in Engineering, undergraduate research, and Graduation With Distinction. Students must meet eligibility and requirements to be considered for graduation with honors distinction.​Contact Mike Knisley at knisley.33@osu.edu​​ or visit the website for more information.

Environment and Natural Resources

The Environment and Natural Resources Honors Program focuses on academics and research.  If you are a motivated student that wants to be challenged and would like an opportunity to research a topic that interests you, the Honors Program may be a good fit for you.  The Honors Program offers you several unique opportunities to enhance what you will be doing in the classroom.  Contact Lauren Pintor at pintor.6@osu.edu​ or visit the website for more information. 


University Exploration Honors is designed to assist incoming Honors students who are undecided in their major. Exploration Honors advisors work with students to find majors that align with their interests, values and goals. Contact Stephanie Elliott at elliott.302@osu.edu or visit the website for more information. 

Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The FAES Honors Program is designed to challenge superior students to take a closer look at what interests them most. With the support of faculty, honors students conduct research and share their discoveries with others. Students in this program gain and build a number of skills, making them highly marketable when they graduate. If you're considering graduate or professional school, this program will definitely prepare you for such studies. Whether you start your academic career in honors or you join after your first year, students in the program will have a variety of challenging academic experiences.​ Contact Pat Whittington at whittington.6@osu.edu or visit the website ​for more information. 

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences within the College of Medicine offers a Honors program for students who are interested in taking Honors courses, upper level courses, complete and Honors thesis and more. Contact Jill Clutter at clutter.1@osu.edu​ or visit the website for more information.


The College of Medicine houses our newest college Honors program on campus, having recently started awarding undergraduate degrees in Spring, 2018.  The College of Medicine is very proud to offer the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences major.  Students within this major gain experience in medical research at the Wexner Medical Center, and are well-prepared to pursue graduate work in medicine or other related fields.  Contact Claudia Mosley at Claudia.Mosley@osumc.com or by visiting their website for more information.


The nursing major Honors Program is designed to create an intellectual adventure to challenge selected students. Opportunities are offered to study an area of interest in nursing in greater depth, to conduct research with a mentor, and to enhance leadership skills. Features of the honors program include seminars, a mentored relationship with a nursing faculty member, and the completion of a senior honors thesis.​ Contact the Student Affairs team at nursing@osu.edu​ or visit the website for more information. 


The College of Pharmacy Honors Program seeks to promote significant interaction between faculty and students and develop the creative abilities and intellectual exchange of Honors students. The program requires high standards of academic achievement and include Honors courses that require breadth and depth of material. Visit the website for more information.

Public Affairs

The Honors Program in Public Affairs provides high-ability students enrolled in the John Glenn School with the opportunity to pursue challenging academic curricular opportunities for enhancing the academic experience at Ohio State. Honors students are encouraged to construct a rigorous curriculum that can include the use of honors and/or upper division courses to meet general education requirements, minors, challenging specialization courses, advanced seminars, dual degree programs, graduate level classes, and a significant research experience. Contact Chris Adams at adams.615@osu.edu or visit the website for more information.

Public Health

The College​of Public Health Honors Program at Ohio State is designed to meet the needs of students with superior academic ability and to promote scholarly development throughout their college careers. By challenging themselves with advanced levels of study and enrichment programs, Honors students can optimize the use of their creative abilities and develop a sustaining interest in advanced education and research.  Contact Susan Olivo-Marston at olivo-marston.1@osu.edu ​or visit the website for more information.

Social Work

The Honors Program is available to a small group of outstanding students who have distinguished themselves through superior academic performance. The program provides you the opportunity to engage in one-on-one research work with a faculty advisor to write a thesis reflecting your area of interest.​Contact ​Jennie Babcock at babcock.79@osu.edu or visit the website for more information​.