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​​Events & Activities

The STEM EE Scholars participate in a variety of activities that relate to the STEM theme. Some examples of events are listed below:

  • Faculty dinners with various STEM faculty, which allows the students the chance to meet and chat with professors from chemistry, math, physics, engineering, computer science, etc. Scholars are able to have small group and one-on-one personal and informal conversations with faculty outside of the classroom setting, allowing them to discuss topics ranging from research interests to how to be a successful STEM student.  
  • Trips to campus and community STEM locations, including COSI (Columbus science museum, where we also serve as floor volunteers), the Byrd Polar Research Center, the Columbus Zoo, Battelle, Biological Greenhouse, and more.
  • Lab shadowing opportunities for students interested in becoming involved in research
  • STEM Case Studies series where students explore and discuss various STEM-related topics in relevant case studies
  • Medical panel consisting of doctors, nurses and pharmacists from OSU
  • Speakers and alumni related to the STEM fields
  • Video series discussing the intersection of various STEM fields
  • Resume building workshops
  • Science and math group study sessions
  • STEM Jeopardy and trivia contests
  • Planetarium showing
  • Book club
  • Mentoring/tutoring younger students in STEM topics in the local community
  • Designing and developing experiments and activities to get more youth excited about STEM
  • And much more!