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First Year: Scholars Seminar

All first-year scholars will enroll in the STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars seminar course. This seminar course is designed for first year Scholars students to explore personal interests, interdisciplinary opportunities, campus and local community resources, and specific theme activities related to STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars.

Objectives: Through the sessions and assignments in this course, students will…

  • Describe the requirements and expectations of being a STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholar
  • Describe the G.O.A.L.S. of the University Honors & Scholars Center
  • Develop a close relationship with the Scholars Program staff and other Scholars students
  • Navigate campus resources and opportunities related to their interests
  • Connect to the greater Columbus community especially in areas related to the program theme
  • Gain awareness of career development and career options

Through the seminar, students will explore aspects of the STEM fields through the lens of the G.O.A.L.S. of the University Honors & Scholars Center as indicated below:​

  • Focus on careers, specifically on the diverse STEM careers and how this diversity is essential in addressing scientific questions.
  • Provide peer reviews, evaluate summative data, and propose new forward thinking designs.
  • Participate in long-term learning experiences that will help apply learning in the classroom to real world problems.
  • Train and serve as mentors and tutors to help enhance leadership skills.
  • Participate in service activities to support STEM understanding in the community and mentor incoming STEM students. 

Second Year: Scholars Projects

The second year curriculum builds upon the foundation of the first. All second year Scholars will spend their second year immersed in an intensive project, individually developed, which relates one or two of the most important G.O.A.L.S. to their STEM major or area of interest. The purpose of this project is to allow Scholars to begin to work toward their future personal and/or career goals with intentionality and structure.

In keeping with our group motto, "Planting the seeds of innovation," this project allows them to be creative, innovative, and purposeful as they develop unique ways to solve problems they are passionate about in the local community, country and world.​

Second year Scholars also build a stronger sense of community with their peers through biweekly meetings, complete a professional informational interview project, and serve as mentors to the 1st year STEM EE Scholars.