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​​Events & Activities

LS Scholars take a practitioner's approach to understanding the world around us.  Students have regular opportunities to participate in open forums, guest panels, workshops, an annual regional trip, and more.  By talking with and learning from professionals directly, students gain a better appreciation of how issues affect people and communities while understanding the practical implications of legal and related issues in society.  LS regularly explores topics such as the Civil Rights, the 2nd amendment, current legislation, and more.  Cohort years meet monthly while other activities and guest speakers are equally available to all students in the program.

LS also provides students the opportunity to relax, get to know their classmates, and from time to time demonstrate mad skills:
  • A "Welcome/Welcome Back" cookout and lawn games in early Autumn
  • The annual LS Halloween party, complete with costume contest and pumpkin carving
  • A late night breakfast before Autumn semester exams
  • Trivia contests
  • Building a 50-foot long banana split on the first-year LS floor
  • The end-of-year celebration and senior send-off
A Note about Pre-Law
The Law and Society Scholars Program is *not* the Pre-Law Scholars Program.  Our goal is not to push students to law school, but to work with all LS Scholars to explore how legal and related issues may affect their own careers and lives, as well as understand the nature of being an advocate no matter what field of study they pursue.  There is no expectation for students to apply to or even consider going to law school.  Career interests in LS range from Public Administration to Health Professions and students are encouraged to follow whatever professional path they are passionate about.

For students who are Pre-Law (approximately 50% of our program), we take advantage of one of the largest attorney-to-population ratios of any city in the country, due in part to the state and federal offices located in Columbus.  Students can talk with and learn from attorneys, judges, and law school faculty as part of Ohio State's annual Pre-Law Forum Series.  Forums and workshops on topics such as "What is Law School?", "Law School Admissions 101", and "Legal Careers" are offered, along with one of the largest law school fairs in the Midwest.  The current LS Scholars Program Manager is a graduate of The Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law and also serves as the Pre-Law Coordinator on campus.