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Scholars Seminar
First year Law and Society Scholars all take the LS Scholars Seminar course, which introduces students to concepts that form the foundation of LS.  Over the length of the course students will:
- Understand the requirements and expectations of being an LS Scholar
- Understand the five G.O.A.L.S. of the University Honors & Scholars Center
- Build a relationship with the LS Scholars Program Manager and their fellow LS students
- Begin to explore legal topics and related issues of interest
- Gain an appreciation and awareness of Ohio's Judicial System.

Aside from the occasional presentation, the course is designed to be interactive.  From week-to-week students will engage each other as well as professionals in the community.  Activities include:
- Field trips to the Franklin County Courthouse, a state prison, and the Ohio Supreme Court.  At each location students will attend hearings or tour the facility, as well as meet with professionals (attorneys, judges, law enforcement officers, and others) to learn about the work they do and their role in society.
- Producing a 60-second issue campaign commercial (often done tongue-in-cheek).
- Constructive arguments with their classmates.

Clustered Courses
First year students in both LS and the International Affairs (IA) Scholars programs have the opportunity to take a clustered course on American Foreign Policy in the Department of Political Science.  This is the same course that is offered to the rest of the university, however one section is reserved and incoming LS and IA students are given the first opportunity to sign up.  The result is that most of the students in the section are students who live together in the same residence hall (IA lives a few floors above LS), which is great for study groups!

Each student is assigned an advisor in his or her academic field (our Scholars can be found in most of Ohio State's undergraduate colleges). The LS Program Manager collaborates with college advisors to help build the academic relationship with students from day one by tracking a student's academic progress, providing support and resources, and preparing them for graduation and possible graduate or professional studies.  As a graduate of Ohio State's Moritz College of Law and a licensed attorney, the LS Program Manager also serves as the Pre-Law advisor for any interested LS Scholar, regardless of their college of enrollment.

Other Academic Benefits
Students in the scholars programs receive college level priority scheduling which allows students to schedule classes at the beginning of their rank.