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​The Law and Society (LS) Scholars examine current legal and societal issues from a practitioner's perspective, while also learning about the nature of advocacy. Students explore such issues at the local, state, and national level as well as related careers including law, journalism, business, teaching, the sciences, the arts, or any other field of interest.  Guest speakers and discussions are common, as are collaborations with other scholars groups and organizations around campus.

First Year
As part of a co-curricular program, first year LS Scholars live together in the same residence hall. This living-learning community allows students to reside in a close-knit environment while enjoying the benefits of a large university.  In addition to growing together as a cohort, one of the mantras of our program is that students begin their professional careers the day they arrive on campus, not when they graduate.  Through the seminar and the first-year class meetings, students gain an awareness of the professional world around them.  The program focuses on law and advocacy; issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the nature of conflict resolution.  Combined with an exploration of Ohio's Judicial system, these and other topics are intertwined to form the foundation for a student's time in the program.

Second Year
By the second year in LS, students have settled into their cohort.  The program shifts from community building to exploring students' professional identities.  Building on the professional awareness that begins in the first year, second year students focus more on interaction with the professional world while simultaneously selecting a topic or issue that is important to them to learn about over the year.  Workshops on the Art of Networking and Ethical Decision-Making are combined with an exploration of Ohio State as a legal entity.  Students complete their two years in the program by presenting their topic in our 2nd year Advocacy Forum. 

Third and Fourth Years
Upperclass students are welcome and encouraged to continue their involvement with the program after completing the two-year requirements.  Some choose to drop by from time to time, others take on leadership roles through our student Executive Board or by becoming mentors to first year students, sharing their their experiences and insights.

Common Majors
Law and Society Scholars can be found majoring in nearly any discipline, from Political Science to Neuroscience, English to Engineering. Students quickly learn how to combine their academic, personal, and professional interests, often selecting a minor or second major in the process. While law school is a common destination for many of our graduates, many of our students follow a different career path immediately after college, from graduate study to employment in the private or public/government sectors.  With such a diverse group of academic majors and career interests, students in each cohort have the opportunity to learn from classmates who often provide a different perspective on a topic or issue.