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The Health Sciences Scholars Program develops and supports a community of high-ability undergraduate students interested in health-related majors and careers through opportunities to explore interest areas, learn about career options, and serve together at Ohio State and beyond.

First Year
The first year in HSS allows students to explore their future health-related career interests surrounded by peers with similar goals and motivation. 

Utilizing the H&S G.O.A.L.S. as a framework, after completing the first year of the HSS program, a student will be able to:

  • Identify and access campus organizations, events, and study abroad opportunities relating to global health issues
  • Recognize societal issues that affect public health worldwide
  • Effectively approach faculty members to express interest in getting involved with new and ongoing research projects
  • Identify and search for undergraduate research opportunities at The Ohio State University and beyond
  • Understand the importance of research involvement as it relates to future graduate and professional school aspirations in health and related fields
  • Determine a potential major and secondary path of study associated with health and related fields
  • Utilize individual Holland code to explore majors at Ohio State that align with an intended health or related career of interest
  • Develop a professional resume and list of references specific to individual research, internship, and employment opportunities
  • Reach out to faculty and administrators to appropriately ask for letters of recommendation
  • Recognize positive traits of successful leaders in health and related fields
  • Identify and begin to engage in opportunities that will develop positive leadership traits
  • Consider how poverty and related societal issues that affect those seeking healthcare
  • Understand different types of service and how they benefit a community and society

​Second Year
The second year in HSS supports students as they define their academic path at Ohio State by encouraging engagement in activities to supplement coursework that promote personal and professional development toward a career in the health sciences.

HSS students engage in the H&S G.O.A.L.S. with more autonomy in the second year. Students participate in various experiences and events relating to each of the individual G.O.A.L.S. and reflect upon them throughout the year as a part of their Second Year expectations. The G.O.A.L.S. provide a framework for understanding student involvement as a holistic college experience.

Examples of fulfilling the G.O.A.L.S.:

  • Attending Taste of OSU event
  • Participating in the Global Health Initiative at Ohio State
  • Engaging in undergraduate research; presenting at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Listening to a faculty member speak about their research efforts at Ohio State
  • Going to the Graduate and Professional School Fair
  • Attending a Personal Statement Workshop to prepare for upcoming graduate and professional school applications
  • Being a Buckeye Buddy in the Buckeye Buddies mentoring program for first-year HSS students
  • Hold a leadership position in a student organization of interest
  • Participating in LeaderShape
  • Students must engage in a Second Year Major Service Project through which they complete 40+ hours of community service throughout the year with a single organization or within a common theme
​Third and Fourth Years
Third and Fourth Years are not required to participate in HSS events or service requirements, however, many choose to participate in the following activities to remain active in the program:
  • Personal Statement Workshop to prepare for upcoming graduate/professional school applications
  • Buckeye Buddies mentoring program
  • Apply to be a member of the HSS Leadership Council
  • Attend All-HSS events, such as the Welcome Back BQQ or end-of-year Send Off Soiree event
  • Utilize office hours or set up separate meetings with Scholars Coordinator or GAA to discuss future goals, current issues, or go over application materials including: resumes, cover letters, personal statements, essays, and discussing interview strategies