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Sep 25
Student Spotlight: Claire Heinle

claire headshot.jpgThe Ohio State University Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the chance to live and learn with other students who share similar interests. Claire Heinle has delved into the opportunities provided by the Politics, Society and Law Scholars (PSL) during her Ohio State journey. Heinle currently serves on the PSL Executive Board, aiding fellow students on their own path at Ohio State. Through her involvement in PSL, Heinle has developed her leadership skills, explored an academic discipline outside of her major, and made lasting friends. The Ohio State journey is almost over for Heinle, and she is confident that her experiences and abilities have prepared her to be part of and lead meaningful global change.

Why did you choose The Ohio State University and your field of study?

Ohio State pushes every individual student to be their best. Our unbelievable resources guarantee that every question can be answered; every path can be explored. I chose Ohio State to be part of this mission and to begin a strong professional path. I chose Logistics Management as a major because it blends creative problem-solving with analytical thinking to provide high-quality products to customers.

claire move in.jpgWhy did you pick the Politics, Society and Law Scholars (PSL)?

PSL provided me with an opportunity to explore an academic discipline outside of my major while spending time with my first-ever friends on campus. It has led me to several wonderful experiences, and I am now proud to serve on our Executive Board.

How has The Ohio State Scholars Program contributed to your college experience?

Scholars gives me access to elevated learning environments and options, as well as a group of like-minded students who help me stay committed to my schoolwork. I also had the honor of joining the Honors and Scholars LGBTQIA+ Semester of Service program, where I discussed queer issues with fellow students and volunteered with the Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

claire and bear dog.jpgAre there professional staff members that have assisted you on your Ohio State journey?

My hall directors, Abbey Kunce and Andrea Dreyer have helped me significantly in my Residence Life roles. They truly believe in me and want me to succeed.

How has Covid-19 affected you?

COVID-19 cut my sophomore year short. I moved home, lost several opportunities, and was separated from my friends and coworkers. I was lucky enough to have still an internship and the ability to move back to Columbus for my summer plans. I have become more self-reliant and introverted, and I value my social time a lot more now.

What does #TogetherAsBuckeyes mean to you?

Every single Buckeye is making a conscious commitment to take care of one another. By wearing masks, washing hands, and distancing, we are practicing selflessness and looking out for others' health.

claire and liz.jpgWhat are some of your most memorable moments at Ohio State?

I met the love of my life, Liz, at Ohio State, as well as some of my dearest friends. I also gave a campus tour to my younger sisters, Grace and Faith, hoping that they will carry on the Buckeye legacy.

What is something true about your life now that you never would've expected?

I am a true self-starter. I have become so independent in the past year, from starting a new job to living alone, mentoring two different communities of residents, and adopting my own dog. There are no limits to what I can accomplish.

What are your goals/plans for the future?

I plan to complete my undergraduate degree, work in social justice and women's rights, and then return to school for my Juris Doctorate. I want to positively affect the world around me and continue to improve my greater community.

Sep 23
Grading Policy Changes for Autumn 2020

On Sept. 17, 2020, University Senate voted to provide undergraduate students with additional flexibility to request Pass/No Pass grading for General Education and elective courses this semester.

Ohio State typically limits Pass/No Pass grading to elective courses, but these resolutions extend this grading choice to General Education courses and also provide a longer window in the semester for students to work with their advisors to request Pass/No Pass. This Senate action acknowledged the uncertainty that quarantine and isolation requirements might have on affected students’ academic progress, with a particular focus on student mental health and well-being.

For undergraduate courses that are required as part of a major, minor or program, the Senate voted to permit colleges and schools to consider Pass/No Pass options.

The Office of Academic Affairs will work with academic leaders in the coming days to provide a clear process and timeline by which colleges and schools communicate any further decisions on these options. 

The discussion in Senate reflected an array of diverse considerations about how to balance the benefits of high academic standards and the importance of flexibility to support health and well-being.

Any student who is interested in utilizing the Pass/No Pass option should consult with their academic advisor. Pass/No Pass is not appropriate in all cases, and advisers will be able to provide guidance for students who may need to earn certain grades to maintain scholarships or to successfully apply for graduate or professional school.

Under the rules approved by the Senate, undergraduate students have until Nov. 20, 2020, to request Pass/No Pass grading for semester-long or second session courses. The deadline for first session is Oct. 2, 2020.

Pass/No Pass for autumn 2020

For autumn 2020 semester only, undergraduate students may opt in for Pass/No Pass grading instead of a traditional letter grade for General Education and elective courses.

  • A grade of D or better will be marked as “Pass”; grades below D are marked as “No Pass.”
  • Pass/No Pass classes provide credits toward graduation, but they do not factor into a student’s grade-point average.
  • The deadline to request Pass/No Pass grading is Nov. 20, 2020, for semester-long or second session courses. Requests for first session courses are due Oct. 2, 2020.
  • Courses taken Pass/No Pass during autumn 2020 semester would count toward the limit of 20 credit hours (exclusive of credit hours earned under the Pass/No Pass option in spring 2020) that each student may take Pass/No Pass during their undergraduate career.

Colleges and schools have the authority to determine their policies for courses that are required as part of a major, minor or program.

How to request Pass/No Pass

Please consult with your academic advisor before requesting Pass/No Pass grading. Note that Pass/No Pass is not appropriate for all circumstances. For example, some scholarships, financial aid and graduate programs require students to earn certain grades for particular coursework.

  • Students may request Pass/No Pass grading for session 1 courses using the university's online form
  • For semester-long or session 2 courses, a form will go live on this webpage in the coming days..
May 26
Daniel Lesman Awarded 2020 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Award

Daniel-Lesman-Astronaut-Scholar-2020.pngDaniel Lesman, junior honors biomedical science major, has been awarded a 2020 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) award. Astronaut Scholarships are awarded to students in their junior and senior year of college studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics with the intent to pursue research or advance their field upon completion of their final degree. Astronaut Scholars are among the best and brightest minds in STEM who show initiative, creativity, and excellence in their chosen field. Daniel aims to earn an MD/PhD in molecular biology to research and develop therapies for rare neuromuscular disorders. Daniel was nominated by his research mentor Dr. Nicolas Wein, and selected by the ASF for his impressive research on gene therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Huntington's Disease. Additionally, Daniel has conducted research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, all while maintaining a stellar GPA.

The ASF annually awards more than fifty scholarships valued up to $10,000 to each selected scholar. The ASF scholarship award is just the beginning for Astronaut Scholars, and their selection is the beginning of a life-long relationship with astronauts, alumni, and great leaders who span academia, technical research, and corporate leadership. All students must be nominated by their research mentor, and as a participating university, OSU many forward two applications on to the ASF. Daniel is OSU's seventh Astronaut Scholar.

For more information on the Astronaut Scholarship, please visit OSU Students interested in applying for the Astronaut Scholarship or other nationally competitive awards should contact

May 22
The Ohio State University Announces Fulbright Awards for 2020-2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University is pleased to announce that sixteen students have received Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards in for the 2020-2021 academic year from the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

These Ohio State students represent some of the 2,100 U.S. citizens who will study, conduct research, and teach abroad for the 2020-2021 academic year through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Recipients of Fulbright awards are selected in an open, merit-based competition that considers leadership potential, academic and/or professional achievement, and record of service. As Fulbright alumni, their careers are enriched by joining a network of thousands of esteemed alumni, many of whom are leaders in their fields. Fulbright alumni include 60 Nobel Prize laureates, 88 Pulitzer Prize recipients, and 37 who have served as a head of state or government.

Ohio State awardees include:

  • William Balla-Johnson (Spanish and Portuguese) – Spain, Research
  • Elena Akers (German, International Studies) – Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Sahithee Batchu (Biomedical Engineering) –India, Research
  • Kathleen Greer (German, History) –Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Ross Guthery (French, Economics) –France, Research
  • McKenzie Hartman (International Studies, Economics) –Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Ryan Mitchell (History of Art, English) – Turkey, Research
  • Young Na (German) –Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Chloe Nelson (English) –South Korea, English Teaching Assistant
  • Tracy Okine (Neuroscience) – Czech Republic, Research
  • Ayush Peddireddi (Biomedical Science, English) – Vietnam, English Teaching Assistant
  • Sarah Stradling (German, International Studies, History) – Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Alesha Telvick (Integrated Language Arts/English Education) – Colombia, English Teaching Assistant
  • Megan Wadas (German) – Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Sydnee Wilke (Russian, International Studies) – Russia, English Teaching Assistant
  • Vilas Winstein (Mathematics, Computer Information Science) – Hungary, Research 

Additionally, five students have been named alternates for Fulbright grants:

  • Kyle DeBry (Engineering Physics) –United Kingdom, Research
  • Ethan Hitch (Musicology) – Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Abigail McGowan (International Studies, Political Science) – United Kingdom, Research
  • Zachary Oncale (International Studies) – Germany, English Teaching Assistant
  • Elizabeth Troiano (Psychology, Linguistics) – Italy, English Teaching Assistant

"I am so proud of our university's Fulbright award recipients," said Ohio State President Michael V. Drake. "Their commitment to creating and sharing knowledge exemplifies Ohio State's founding land-grant mission and builds the foundation upon which cooperation and understanding are established. Despite these extraordinary times, I know that the spirit of this program, and the perseverance of our students, will endure well into the future."

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is administered at the Undergraduate Fellowship Office through Corey Efron for undergraduate students and at the Graduate School through Fellowship Services for graduate students. Undergraduates interested in applying to the U.S. Student Program should contact and graduate students should contact

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to forge lasting connections between the people of the United States and the people of other countries, counter misunderstandings, and help people and nations work together toward common goals. Since its establishment in 1946, the Fulbright Program has enabled more than 390,000 dedicated and accomplished students, scholars, artists, teachers, and professionals of all backgrounds to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas, and find solutions to shared international concerns. The Fulbright Program is funded through an annual appropriation made by the U.S. Congress to the

U.S. Department of State. Participating governments and host institutions, corporations, and foundations around the world also provide direct and indirect support to the Program, which operates in more than 160 countries worldwide.

For more information about the Fulbright Program, visit

May 11
Eminence Fellows Program Names Class of 2024

The Eminence Fellows Program at The Ohio State University has named 21 students to its Class of 2024. This will be the 9th class of Eminence Fellows.

The Eminence Program brings exceptional students to The Ohio State University who embrace the collaborative spirit of "giving back" and have demonstrated academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and character. This year's class was selected from a pool of over 700 applications which represented 15 states. The Eminence scholarship is a full cost of attendance award with access to an enrichment grant to support out of class experiences.

Eminence Fellows have received many national scholarships including The Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, Fulbright, and Knight-Hennessy awards. They are campus and community leaders that strive to make a positive impact in the world. For more information, visit

Congratulations to the newest Fellows!

NameCityStateProposed Major
Angelina AtiehLouisville
KYBiomedical Science
Lauren CainHolloman Air Force BaseNMHistory of Art
Seyan CocoClevelandOHBiomedical Science
Peter CooperPerrysburgOHExploring
Alex GrosmanClevelandOHInternational Business
Margot HareMoreheadKYLinguistics
Andrea HefferanMasonOHBusiness Marketing
Abigail LongstrethRootstownOHEnvironmental Science
Jessica MitschCincinnatiOHNeuroscience
Elizabeth MorganCrestwoodKYMicrobiology
Devi Dheekshita NelakurtiLewis CenterOHBiomedical Science
Drew PolitoLakewoodOHPhilosophy, Politics, Economics
Kai RichmondSylvaniaOHPsychology
Maria Sanchez-BoedoFranklinTNPsychology
Gus ScariaBroadview HeightsOHNeuroscience
Natalie SebuniaEriePAZoology
Jaideep SethNorth CantonOHBiochemistry
Zoe Shay-TannasRoslindaleMAIndustrial Design
Priyanka ShresthaBeachwoodOHBiochemistry
Maya SivakumaranCincinnatiOHAeronautical Engineering
Robert SunderhaftChagrin FallsOHData Analytics


May 06
Trace Eberhardt Named 2020 Udall Scholar

Trace Eberhardt Udall SP20.jpgOhio State University undergraduate student Trace Eberhardt has been named a 2020 Udall Scholar. The Udall Scholarship recognizes outstanding sophomores and juniors pursuing careers related to the environment as well as Native American students pursuing careers in tribal policy or Native healthcare. Universities may nominate four students applying for the environmental award, and four students applying to the tribal policy or Native healthcare award.

Trace Eberhardt is a junior civil engineering major at who is invested in sustainable engineering principles and updating buildings for energy and water efficiency. He has been a member of Students for Recycling since his freshman year and has taken a lead role in the group's annual Dump & Run sustainability event for the last two years. Trace has also worked with Student Life Energy Management to perform water audits on campus dorms. Trace is working to become a leader in water-efficient building design and retrofitting and aims to be a professional engineer specializing in energy-efficient projects.

This year, 429 students applied for the Udall scholarship, and fifty-five students from 48 colleges and universities have been selected as 2020 Udall Scholars. A 16-member independent review committee selected this year's group of Udall Scholars on the basis of commitment to careers in the environment, Native health care, or Tribal public policy; leadership potential; record of public service; and academic achievement. The review committee also awarded 55 Honorable Mentions.

Each scholarship provides up to $7,000 for the Scholar's junior or senior year and membership in a robust alumni network. The 2020 Udall Scholars will assemble August 4-9 in Tucson, Arizona, to meet one another and program alumni; learn more about the Udall legacy of public service; and interact with community leaders in environmental fields, Tribal health care, and governance.

Since the first awards in 1996, the Udall Foundation has awarded 1,733 scholarships totaling $8,860,000.

Trace is Ohio State's 15th Udall Scholar. Students interested in applying for the Udall Scholarship, or other national awards, should contact

May 05
Four Ohio State Students Named 2020 Critical Language Scholars

Four Ohio State undergraduates have been named 2020 Critical Language Scholars. The U.S. Department of State sponsors the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program, which offers fully-funded intensive summer language institutes overseas for fifteen less commonly-taught languages. The CLS is part of a wider government initiative to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering foreign languages that are critical to national security and economic prosperity. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply, and participants are expected to continue their language study beyond the scholarship period in order to apply their critical language skills in their future professional careers. Although the 2020 summer program has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the following students were among those recognized by the CLS program:

  • Henry Hinton, Russian
  • Abbie Levine, Arabic
  • Audrey Montgomery, Hindi

All enrolled Ohio State students are eligible to apply for the CLS, including both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates interested in applying for a Critical Language Scholarship should contact the Undergraduate Fellowship Office at

henry hinton cls20 social post.jpgAbbie Levine cls20 social post.jpgaudrey montgomery cls20 - social post.jpg

May 04
Kat Zic Named 2020 Hollings Scholar

Kathryn Zic - Hollings Scholarship SP20.jpegKat Zic, a sophomore honors student in environmental science, has been named a 2020 Hollings Scholar. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes outstanding sophomores pursuing careers in environmental research and stewardship.  The scholarship provides up to $9,500 towards undergraduate expenses for two years, a 10-week paid internship with a NOAA facility in the summer between their junior and senior year, and the opportunity to present their research at the Science & Education Symposium. The Hollings is designed to recruit and prepare students in oceanic and atmospheric sciences for service careers with NOAA and similar agencies where they will work to improve scientific knowledge and increase public environmental literacy and stewardship. Roughly 100 scholars are selected each year from a range of academic disciplines and geographic locations.

Kat was chosen based on her passion for increasing the ocean literacy of inland children and her research on the circulation of microplastics in the ocean. Kat's career goal is to work for NOAA and use her dedication to environmental education, hands on environmental stewardship, and oceanic research to change the ways people value the environment and to reduce the impact of polluting industries.

Students interested in applying for the Hollings Scholarship, or other national awards, should contact the Undergraduate Fellowship Office at

Apr 16
Ryan Mitchell Awarded Fulbright Grant to Turkey

Mitchell_Ryan.pngRyan Mitchell, double major in history of art and English, class of 2017, has been awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright Grant to pursue research in Turkey during the 2020-2021 academic year. Ryan will conduct a comparative study of educational architecture built by non-Muslim communities in Istanbul. Fulbright grants are awarded by the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board on the basis of an applicant's academic and professional achievement, as well as their record of service and leadership potential in their respective fields. 

Fulbright grants are awarded by the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board on the basis of academic and professional achievement, as well as awardees' record of service and leadership potential in their respective fields. The Fulbright program offers grants to over 140 countries, and each country notifies recipients on their own timeline. Undergraduates who will earn their bachelor's degree by summer 2021 and graduate students are eligible to apply for the next cycle of U.S. Student Fulbright grants. Applicants with undergraduate status may see for more information, or e-mail

Apr 16
Ayush Peddireddi Awarded Fulbright Grant to Vietnam

Ayush Peddireddi.jpgAyush Peddireddi, senior Honors double major in biomedical science and English, has been awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright Grant to teach English in Vietnam during the 2020-2021 academic year. Ayush will teach English while engaging with his host community and learning about Vietnamese culture. Fulbright grants are awarded by the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board on the basis of academic and professional achievement, as well as awardees' record of service and leadership potential in their respective fields. 

The Fulbright program offers grants to over 140 countries, and each country notifies recipients on their own timeline. Undergraduates who will earn their bachelor's degree by summer 2021 and graduate students are eligible to apply for the next cycle of U.S. Student Fulbright grants. Applicants with undergraduate status may see for more information, or e-mail

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