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Oct 01
Student Spotlight: Jyvel Tolbert

jyvel italy.jpgAs a member of the Young Scholars Program, Jyvel Tolbert knew he would attend The Ohio State University since his first year of high school. Being accepted along with others that share his passion for sports into the Dunn Sports and Wellness Scholars program was a bonus. Now, in his final year, Tolbert feels as if he's done almost everything he could and knows campus like the back of his hand. Tolbert has used his extensive knowledge in his role as a Recruitment Host for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. As a Host, Tolbert implemented skills he learned in his sport industry major and communication minor in real-life scenarios. He provided prospective recruits and their families with firsthand information on life, learning, and the benefits of attending Ohio State. As Tolbert looks toward the future, the friends, skills, and network he has built at Ohio State will be there to support his journey. 

Why did you choose The Ohio State University?

I knew I was going to Ohio State since I was a freshman in high school. I was awarded a scholarship through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The name of the program is the Young Scholars Program. As I went through high school and looked deeper at the culture of Ohio State, I noticed that the culture was rich and wholesome. As a sport industry major here, that was key in my overall decision in attending.

Why did you choose your field of study?

I chose sport industry because I love athletics. I love seeing how the behind the scenes stuff comes to action when game time starts. It's so much stuff that people don't see, but small actions make the big actions go smooth.

jyvel in stadium.jpgHow has The Ohio State Scholars Program contributed to your college experience?

Through the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars, I found friends that I would consider family now. My original roommates from my first year of college are still my roommates in my fourth and final year of college.
Why did you pick the Dunn Sports and Wellness Scholars?

Because I knew they would provide different opportunities. Those opportunities being meeting key people that are now in my networking system.

Are there professional staff members that have assisted you on your Ohio State journey?

I am very appreciative of all of my professors and they all have helped me in way. But the one professor that is most memorable to me is Seamus Reilly. I've taken three of his classes and he is so encouraging. He's helped me see a side of myself I didn't know was there.
What is your why for wearing a mask?

I am a first-generation college student. My why for wearing a mask is that I want my family to see me graduate in the Shoe. My family and I have talked about it over the past couple of years, and I am trying to do my part so that dream can come to fruition.

What does #TogetherAsBuckeyes mean to you?

What #TogetherAsBuckeyes means to me is that we should all do our part by wearing our masks, staying distanced from one another, and that being carefree at this point in time is not what is needed at this point.

What are some of your most memorable moments at Ohio State?

When Ohio State mounted a comeback against Penn State and defeated them in the closing seconds. This game was in my first year and I lived in Morrill Tower, so I lived right next to the stadium. Just hearing the roars from the crowd at the game while watching it on TV was special to me.

jyvel athletics1.jpgWhat is something true about your life now that you never would've expected?

I would've never expected myself to travel over the pond and land in Europe. I went on a study abroad trip to Greece and Italy in May of 2019.

What are your goals/plans for the future in general?

That is the million-dollar question. As of right now, I am looking to join a public relations team or a marketing team for a professional franchise. Whether that be in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLS.