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Nov 08
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Audrey Montgomery

Audrey.jpgAudrey Montgomery is a "people person". As a first-year in International Affairs Scholars, Montgomery says her floor unanimously decided her personality resembles Buddy the Elf. She is bubbly, always laughing, and tends to introduce herself to everyone. "Sometimes I'm more outgoing than I should be," jokes Montgomery. Like Buddy the Elf, Montgomery has four main food groups: nuts, avocados, pumpkin, and chai lattes.

Montgomery grew up in Columbus but moved to Lexington, Kentucky after her freshman year of high school. Because she missed her hometown so much, she decided to come back for college.

A die-hard Buckeye fan since birth, Montgomery never thought she'd end up at OSU. She was skeptical about its size, but when she toured campus, she fell in love. She remembers that almost every student she passed was wearing some form of Buckeye apparel, and that wasn't something she found at other schools. The Ohio State spirit won her heart.

Montgomery shares that her favorite OSU Traditions is Scott because of their omelettes. However, her favorite OSU tradition is singing "Carmen Ohio" at the end of every football game. The recent nail-biting victory over Penn State is one of her favorite OSU memories so far. She even spent the night before the game outside in the cold and freezing rain to camp out for ESPN College GameDay. "It was epic," Montgomery says.

One of Montgomery's favorite places in Columbus is the Short North Coffee House. She goes there every week to study and get a "dirty chai" (a chai latte with a shot of espresso). Now a regular, she's gotten to know the owner, Iniat. "He's just the coolest person I think I've ever met, and we are best friends," says Montgomery.

Another person Montgomery has enjoyed getting to know is the housekeeper on her floor. Because Montgomery moved in for the R-LEAD early-arrival program, she was the only person living on her floor for almost a week. "My housekeeper talked to me for an hour one night because I looked so lonely and in need of a friend. We still talk every morning now, and she keeps me updated on her life and family," Montgomery says.

Of course, Montgomery was not lonely on her floor for long. International Affairs Scholars has already had a huge impact on her life, as she has met many of her best friends through the program. She loves living with people who share her interests and says they all get along well. The Sunday after the Penn State game, Montgomery woke up early to cook brunch for her entire floor.

Montgomery has loved growing in community with her fellow buckeyes. As she is already involved in nearly every aspect of the H&S G.O.A.L.S., Montgomery's first semester of college has been busy. She is a part of Global Health Initiative, Buck-I-SERV, International Justice Initiative, and Cru's Freshman Leadership Team.

A girl with a passion for others, Montgomery recently declared her major as Social Work. She's excited to start taking classes that will apply to her future career and says she is already highly impressed with the College of Social Work. In the future, she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization and support women who have been victims of sex-trafficking. Her life goals are simple: be happy and help others.

In the meantime, Montgomery aspires to study abroad and learn about different people and cultures. Another thing she wants to do before graduation is stand in front of a crowd of people and yell, "O-H-!" so they can scream back, "-I-O!".

When she's not meeting new people or preparing to save the world, Montgomery loves to watch Grey's Anatomy and juggle (but not necessarily at the same time). She also finds Amish culture fascinating. Her biggest pet peeve is when people say "blesh you" instead of "bless you." Holding some strong opinions about the OSU dining experience, she shares her personal motto: "A boy takes you to KComm, but a real man takes you to Scott."

One final fun fact is that ever since junior year of high school, each of Montgomery's Instagram captions contain a pun. Her favorite is one from a senior retreat: "We may have slept in cabins, but senior retreat was still in tents." Montgomery admits sometimes it takes a long time to think of a witty captions, but she also believes she's "punstoppable." You can check out more of her puns on Instagram @audreymontgomery99.​

By Eleanor Kapcar, Honors & Scholars Media Team Member