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Sep 25
Student Spotlight: Claire Heinle

claire headshot.jpgThe Ohio State University Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the chance to live and learn with other students who share similar interests. Claire Heinle has delved into the opportunities provided by the Politics, Society and Law Scholars (PSL) during her Ohio State journey. Heinle currently serves on the PSL Executive Board, aiding fellow students on their own path at Ohio State. Through her involvement in PSL, Heinle has developed her leadership skills, explored an academic discipline outside of her major, and made lasting friends. The Ohio State journey is almost over for Heinle, and she is confident that her experiences and abilities have prepared her to be part of and lead meaningful global change.

Why did you choose The Ohio State University and your field of study?

Ohio State pushes every individual student to be their best. Our unbelievable resources guarantee that every question can be answered; every path can be explored. I chose Ohio State to be part of this mission and to begin a strong professional path. I chose Logistics Management as a major because it blends creative problem-solving with analytical thinking to provide high-quality products to customers.

claire move in.jpgWhy did you pick the Politics, Society and Law Scholars (PSL)?

PSL provided me with an opportunity to explore an academic discipline outside of my major while spending time with my first-ever friends on campus. It has led me to several wonderful experiences, and I am now proud to serve on our Executive Board.

How has The Ohio State Scholars Program contributed to your college experience?

Scholars gives me access to elevated learning environments and options, as well as a group of like-minded students who help me stay committed to my schoolwork. I also had the honor of joining the Honors and Scholars LGBTQIA+ Semester of Service program, where I discussed queer issues with fellow students and volunteered with the Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

claire and bear dog.jpgAre there professional staff members that have assisted you on your Ohio State journey?

My hall directors, Abbey Kunce and Andrea Dreyer have helped me significantly in my Residence Life roles. They truly believe in me and want me to succeed.

How has Covid-19 affected you?

COVID-19 cut my sophomore year short. I moved home, lost several opportunities, and was separated from my friends and coworkers. I was lucky enough to have still an internship and the ability to move back to Columbus for my summer plans. I have become more self-reliant and introverted, and I value my social time a lot more now.

What does #TogetherAsBuckeyes mean to you?

Every single Buckeye is making a conscious commitment to take care of one another. By wearing masks, washing hands, and distancing, we are practicing selflessness and looking out for others' health.

claire and liz.jpgWhat are some of your most memorable moments at Ohio State?

I met the love of my life, Liz, at Ohio State, as well as some of my dearest friends. I also gave a campus tour to my younger sisters, Grace and Faith, hoping that they will carry on the Buckeye legacy.

What is something true about your life now that you never would've expected?

I am a true self-starter. I have become so independent in the past year, from starting a new job to living alone, mentoring two different communities of residents, and adopting my own dog. There are no limits to what I can accomplish.

What are your goals/plans for the future?

I plan to complete my undergraduate degree, work in social justice and women's rights, and then return to school for my Juris Doctorate. I want to positively affect the world around me and continue to improve my greater community.