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Sep 23
Grading Policy Changes for Autumn 2020

On Sept. 17, 2020, University Senate voted to provide undergraduate students with additional flexibility to request Pass/No Pass grading for General Education and elective courses this semester.

Ohio State typically limits Pass/No Pass grading to elective courses, but these resolutions extend this grading choice to General Education courses and also provide a longer window in the semester for students to work with their advisors to request Pass/No Pass. This Senate action acknowledged the uncertainty that quarantine and isolation requirements might have on affected students’ academic progress, with a particular focus on student mental health and well-being.

For undergraduate courses that are required as part of a major, minor or program, the Senate voted to permit colleges and schools to consider Pass/No Pass options.

The Office of Academic Affairs will work with academic leaders in the coming days to provide a clear process and timeline by which colleges and schools communicate any further decisions on these options. 

The discussion in Senate reflected an array of diverse considerations about how to balance the benefits of high academic standards and the importance of flexibility to support health and well-being.

Any student who is interested in utilizing the Pass/No Pass option should consult with their academic advisor. Pass/No Pass is not appropriate in all cases, and advisers will be able to provide guidance for students who may need to earn certain grades to maintain scholarships or to successfully apply for graduate or professional school.

Under the rules approved by the Senate, undergraduate students have until Nov. 20, 2020, to request Pass/No Pass grading for semester-long or second session courses. The deadline for first session is Oct. 2, 2020.

Pass/No Pass for autumn 2020

For autumn 2020 semester only, undergraduate students may opt in for Pass/No Pass grading instead of a traditional letter grade for General Education and elective courses.

  • A grade of D or better will be marked as “Pass”; grades below D are marked as “No Pass.”
  • Pass/No Pass classes provide credits toward graduation, but they do not factor into a student’s grade-point average.
  • The deadline to request Pass/No Pass grading is Nov. 20, 2020, for semester-long or second session courses. Requests for first session courses are due Oct. 2, 2020.
  • Courses taken Pass/No Pass during autumn 2020 semester would count toward the limit of 20 credit hours (exclusive of credit hours earned under the Pass/No Pass option in spring 2020) that each student may take Pass/No Pass during their undergraduate career.

Colleges and schools have the authority to determine their policies for courses that are required as part of a major, minor or program.

How to request Pass/No Pass

Please consult with your academic advisor before requesting Pass/No Pass grading. Note that Pass/No Pass is not appropriate for all circumstances. For example, some scholarships, financial aid and graduate programs require students to earn certain grades for particular coursework.

  • Students may request Pass/No Pass grading for session 1 courses using the university's online form
  • For semester-long or session 2 courses, a form will go live on this webpage in the coming days..