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Jul 10
Kris' Corner

kris tux22.jpgHello everyone! My name is Kristopher Davis and I'm the Student Staff Assistant at the Honors & Scholars Center for the summer. My task is to keep everyone updated on campus news, programs, events, the Honors & Scholars Center, and life in general.

To start, I'll tell you a little about myself. I am a neuroscience major, Biological Science Scholar, and transitioning into neuroscience honors once I complete my pre-major. I live in Pickerington, Ohio with my dog, a cockapoo named Kody and my two kittens, Bentley and Cassondra. In addition to my work at the Honors & Scholars Center, I'm also a manager at Walmart and work there on the weekends. My hobbies include video gaming, swimming, rifle and pistol, and cooking. Now that we have you're more informed about me, let's begin the first "Kris' Corner."

kody2.jpgIt is orientation time around campus. This is a very exciting time and different than other admitted student days, such as GoBuckeyeDay. With orientation, you will schedule your first classes, take language placement tests, meet faculty members, your academic advisor, scope out your room and much more. You will be attend many events during the day and may feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of Ohio State. Don't be, campus gets small and you will find a place. Here are a few tips to help ease the minds of you incoming students!

First off, we have sessions and events planned for Honors & Scholars students and parents, which I encourage everyone to attend. There, we will explain the benefits, the G.O.A.L.S of our students and what it means to be an Honors & Scholars student. Our director, Linn Van Woerkom, along with other student (including me!) will be speaking at these sessions and can give you tons of information and opportunities you might not know about yet. Being an incoming student, you may feel like you are stepping into an unknown, vast university by yourself. This is not the case!

Honors & Scholars builds community. Living with other Honors & Scholars students helps build relationships with peers that will last a lifetime. However, this is not the only way to meet new people. At Ohio State, there are over 1,300 student organizations that can fit anyone. From drawing to shooting, from an engineering community to a community focusing on helping third world counties, we have it all.

One thing about being a first year student is not being able to get into all of the classes you want. Depending on the major, test scores from language and math, or a class being filled already, these factors can affect your chances of being in a class. You may feel like you are falling behind your peers but I promise you, you are not. As a neuroscience major, I felt obligated to take chemistry and biology my first semester but, due to my math test score, I was not allowed. At orientation, I felt distraught and mad because I felt I was falling behind my peers and could not complete my major in time. This was not the case at all.

I completed a lot of gen-eds in high school for college and in a sense, put me "ahead" of my peers. I would be stuck in my pre-major until fall of 2019, but I would still be on track to graduation, even graduate early if I choose to. This brings me to a very important point. In high school, everyone had the same straight path that guided you through it. Everyone took the same classes, got the same grades generally, and made it to college expecting the same. Ohio State will not be a straight path. You will encounter dips, changes, and hazards that will be on the road toward your degree. No road will be the same. You as an individual will control how you maneuver on your own path and will find your own way. So, in the end, do not be discouraged if you feel you are falling behind, you will always find a way to make it through. You are an Honors & Scholars student and have a vast number of people and resources at your disposal. Never give up.

To end, I would like to talk about a special meeting I had with an important figure on campus.

I met Yolanda Zepeda at the Honors and Scholars Center after she attended a meeting with my supervisors. We started a conversation about my research, she seems to take interest and invited me to her office to discuss further. In our meeting, we talked about our lives, our research, our plans, and much more. Before wrapping up our meeting, she finally informed me of her job title, Assistant Vice Provost to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  I couldn't believe that I was talking to a woman as high up as herself. It really goes to show that, if you spark a conversation with as staff or faculty member, they will be inclined to meet you and talk with you about your interests.

Miss Zepeda's willingness to speak with me was wonderful and has connected me to the Todd Bell Resource Center. She helped me set up a meeting with the program coordinator to discuss the different types of programs that would suit me. Zepeda also informed me about the numerus scholarships that ODI has that no one really applies for that often. They offer many scholarships and grants to all students and these can be gifted through their programs, by alumni still active in these programs, or through the special scholarships application. Miss Zepeda is a wonderful woman who would love to talk to more students! If you would like to know more about her, look her up on the ODI page and maybe shoot her an email if you're interested.

I think this wraps up Kris' Corner for today. I will be back soon with more exciting news from Ohio State.

Before I go, I would like to add that if you know any new students who have been accepted into Honors & Scholars and have questions, tell them to Contact Us at any time. I am on campus and would be willing to meet with any students. Have a great day!

By Kristopher Davis, Student Staff Assistant