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​​​​Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

*Requires OSU Endorsement 

  • The Udall Foundation awards 60 scholarships to sophomores and juniors pursuing careers related to the environment.  This award provides $7,000 towards undergraduate expenses.  Competitive applicants will have a 3.0+ GPA, demonstrated leadership and service related to the environment, and clear graduate school plans and career aspirations.  The Udall also provides awards for American Indian students planning careers in tribal policy or tribal health care.  OSU may nominate up to 6 students for this award.

  • Campus Deadline: January 12

Past Udall Scholars

*Indicates Honorable Mention

Nicole Doran
Callia Telez
Maria Fredericks *
​Tal Shutkin
Christine McComb *​
James Palus *
​Rebecca Plumage​2013-2014
Henry Peller2012-2013
Ariel Miller *2011-2012
Henry Peller *2011-2012
Stacy Weisfield *2009-2010
Hudson McFann *2008-2009
Samantha Sekar2008-2009
Hudson McFann *2007-2008
Ellis Robinson2007-2008
Carson Barylak2006-2007
Corin Marron2006-2007
Nikki Skrinak *2006-2007
Leann Benkart2005-2006
Bethany Frew2005-2006
Cullen Naumoff2005-2006
Bethany Larue2004-2005
David Mess2002-2003​