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​​​Major Scholarships

Below is a list of the major awards the Undergraduate Fellowship Office coordinates. Please note, the chart lists the year an application is submitted; students will often need to begin working on the ap​​plication 3-6 months prior to this deadline.​ Please note, the year of application is often determined by time left until graduation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office​.

These awards require OSU nom​ina​tion

​​Name​​FieldYear of ApplicationOhio State Deadline
​Astronaut​Science, Engineering, Math​Sophomore or Junior​November 2019
​Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences​JuniorJanuary 2019
Boren​All fields​Any Fall 2019, TBD
Chur​chill​Science, Engineering, Math​Senior or Recent GraduateNot applicable
Fulbrig​​​ht​​All fields​Senior or Recent GraduateRegistration:​​
May 2019
Gaither​​​Various fields related to Carnegie projects in Peace Studies​Senior or Recent Graduate​November  2019
GilmanAll fields​AnyOctober 2019 for Spring programs
​Goldwater​Science, Engineering, Math​Sophomore or JuniorNovember 2019
​Knight-Hennessy​​Any​Senior or Recent GraduateAugust 2019
Marshall​​All fields​Junior, Senior, or Recent GraduateApril 4, 2019
MitchellAll fieldsJunior, Senior, or Recent GraduateSeptember 2019
RhodesAll fieldsJunior, Senior, or Recent GraduateApril 4, 2019
Truman​Public service careers​Junior​November 2019
Udall​Careers related to the environment​Sophomore or JuniorJanuary 2019
Awards for which the UFO frequently offers assistance, but do not require OSU nomination
Name​Field​Year of Application​National Deadline
​Critical Language​All fields​Any​mid-November 2019
Gates Cambridge​All fields​Senior or Recent GraduateFall 2019
Hollings​Fields related to atmospheric/oceanic sciences​Sophomore​January 2020
​Madison​History/Education​Senior or Recent Graduate​March 2020
NDSEG​Science, Engineering, Math​Senior or Recent Graduate​January 2020
NSF​Science, Engineering, Math, Social Sciences​Senior or Recent GraduateOctober 2019
Pickering​Fields related to careers in Foreign Service​Senior or Recent Graduate​September 2019
Rangel​​Fields related to careers in Foreign Service​Senior or Recent GraduateSeptember 2019

​​​All fields

Senior or Recent GraduateSeptember 2019
​Tillman​All fields​AnyMarch 2020