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Fulbright U.S. Student Program

*Requires OSU Endorsement

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers over 1,900 opportunities for students to study, research, or teach abroad while promoting cross-cultural interaction and mutual understanding. Candidates looking to study or conduct research abroad will need to develop an independent program proposal and secure an in-country affiliation. Grants will fund project and living expenses for an 8-12 month period. 

Students apply to a specific country for a specific proposal. You may only apply to one country to do one thing. Thus, the first step is to select where you'd like to go and what you plan to do there. Each country has their own number of grants, selection criteria, and eligibility qualifications. You should carefully review the requirements for your country of interest! Country descriptions are available online:

Fulbright ​Week 2020

In conjunction with Fulbright Week 2020 (March 30 - April 3), the Undergraduate Fellowship Office will be hosting the below information sessions for students interested in applying for a Fulbright Grant, which funds a year abroad post-graduation, either to teach English or conduct research. Students graduating on or before Summer 2021 will be eligible to apply for a Fulbright, but undergraduate students at any stage of their career are welcome to attend an information session. Applicants from any major are welcome.

*If you have missed a deadline, including the Statement of Intent Form, please email to discuss your application.

Types of Grants

The Fulbright awards two main types of grants: Academic Grants and English Teaching Assistantships.

Academic grants allow recipients to spend 8-12 months in a foreign country conducting independent research or studying at an academic institution. 

English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) grants provide opportunities to spend 8-12 months in a foreign country teaching English language and conversation classes.

  • ETAs are only available in select countries and teach students from elementary school through the college level, depending on location (see country descriptions for specifics)
  • ETAs are not expected to be the primary English instructor in their classrooms; they serve as supplemental instructors focusing on teaching American culture and providing conversation practice with a native speaker
  • More specifics on the ETA program and available countries can be found hereThe Fulbright also offers several other grants. More information on these can be found here.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the Fulbright, students must meet the minimum requirements:

  • ​Have a baccalaureate degree by the start of the grant (usually graduating seniors or recent alumni)
  • Be a U.S. citizen at the time of application
  • Possess language skills commensurate with proposed project
  • Strong academic record (at least a 3.0)

To be competitive for the Fulbright, students will need to demonstrate:

  • ​Previous research experience (academic grants)
  • Previous teaching/instruction experience (ETAs)
  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Projects that correspond with your educational/professional goals
  • Compelling reason to conduct project abroad in specific country
  • Interest in serving as a cultural ambassador abroad


The Undergraduate Fellowship Office is here to help all eligible students with the application process. Our office will provide you feedback on your application materials, especially the two application essays; applicants should be prepared to revise these essays multiple times. For students applying for a research proposal, assistance from a faculty member within your discipline is also critical. 

Students interested in applying must complete the Fulbright R​egistration FORM. This will start you on the application path. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the Fulbright program, please use OnCourse to schedule a meeting with Corey Efron or Jasmine Stork by selecting “Student Success Services”. You can also email questions to the Undergraduate Fellowship Office at

Where to Apply
For the 2020-2021​ grant cycle, current OSU undergraduates MUST apply through the Undergraduate Fellowship Office and must meet the campus deadline. 

Recent alumni not enrolled in graduate studies may apply through the UFO and complete the campus evaluation process. For alumni applying through the UFO, applicants must meet the August 2020, campus deadline.

Current graduate students must apply through their graduate institution. At OSU, this is through the Graduate School.

Past Fulbright Student Scholars

Said Haji
Jessica Wong
Caitriona Techman
Helina Solomon
David Giesige
Maria Fredericks
Janelle Kyle
Rebecca Slavik
​Andrew Carringer
Rachel Beery
Yamilex Molina
Alejandra Timmins
Hannah Young
Aisha Abu-Hajar

​Ann Imke​2016-2017
​Jeremy Kundtz​2016-2017
​Anna Lieswyn​2016-2017
​Susi Martinez​2016-2017
​Michal Richter​2016-2017
Siham Abdi
Timothy Beavers
Jennifer Boughton
Margaret Burke
James Cruttenden
Elizabeth Hutcheson
Zana Karabatak
Marcus Michael
Meera Nagarajan
Mika Sasaki
Keegan Scott​
Ilhan Dahir 
Mushtaq Dualeh
Brandon Fitzwater
Ryan Hedrick
Anna Irvine 
Kristin Krzic 
Linda MacCarthy
Chineze Okpalaoka 
Jared Palazza 
Daniel Petrick 
​Layla Banaie
​Eric Connelly​2013-2014
​Anna Dorfi​2013-2014
​Jordan Kelsey​2013-2014
​Rose Kramer​2013-2014
​Yuchen Lin​2013-2014
​Jennifer Mayer​2013-2014
​Erin McAuliffe​2013-2014
​Rebecca Monteleone​2013-2014
​Emily Moore​2013-2014
​Calla Sneller​2013-2014
​Lauren Stabler​2013-2014
​Stephanie Weisfeld​2013-2014
​Charles Baker2012-2013
Daniel Berens2012-2013
Sarah Craycraft2012-2013
Christopher Di Meo2012-2013
Catherine Hatten2012-2013
Rebekah Kartal2012-2013
Xiangtong (Adam) Kong2012-2013
Sarah Little2012-2013
Kersey Schott2012-2013
Sophie Seidner2012-2013
Samuel Stuard2012-2013
Jessica Wright2012-2013
Cheasequah Blevins2011-2012
Chance Brodsky2011-2012
Qorsho Hassan2011-2012
Thomas Kaffenberger2011-2012
Jacqueline Lipphardt2011-2012
Briana Yuh2011-2012
William Babeaux2010-2011
Gary Bearden2010-2011
Jaime Gusching2010-2011
Kathryn Ivancic2010-2011
Alex Wilkerson2010-2011
Robert Bonacci2009-2010
Sarah Coons2009-2010
Thomas Henighan2009-2010
Dustin Koenig2009-2010
Lauren Koepke2009-2010
Hudson McFann2009-2010
Kristin Silver2009-2010
Adrienne Strong2009-2010
Katherine Watt2009-2010
Yusun Abrahams2008-2009
Jennifer Gable2008-2009
Ladaea Melton2008-2009
Linnea Overman2008-2009
Seth Reddy2008-2009
Kevin Slaten2008-2009
Robert Beaulieu2007-2008
Matthew Borths2007-2008
Heather Sweetser2007-2008
Nafisa Akbar2006-2007
Matthew Bauman2006-2007
Mary Beaton2006-2007
Julia Leb2006-2007
Laura Tompkins2006-2007
Megan Wiegand2006-2007
Joseph Andrew Woodmansee2006-2007
Zachariah Baird2005-2006
Nadia El-Yousseph2005-2006
Richard Price2005-2006
Victoria Reyes2005-2006
Jennifer Stanek2004-2005
Frederick Lah2003-2004
Lindsey Long2003-2004
Brian Conner1999-2000
Karen Logue1999-2000
Elizabeth Randall1999-2000