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The Honors Collegium tackles crucial skills that will give you an edge in academics and in your professional life. All incoming Collegium students take a one-credit course, "Telling Your Story," that teaches these skills in a supportive, encouraging environment. The course content is flexible, addressing the specific needs of students in the course.​

The course is roughly divided into two parts: the first is focused on reflection exercises that generate clarity about your purpose and goals, while the second equips you with practical skills that will help you carry them out.

Here are sample assignments from the course this past year:

  • Mini-Inquiry Project. Because of this powerful project, students have changed majors and found their future careers. Students are asked to choose a big question or decision that they will need to make about their future, and will then perform three steps: clarify the question/decision, interview people who can help, and then contemplate the solution.
  • Self-Presentation Project. This activity provides crucial practice in communicating with others about your interests. Over a few weeks, you work on the project of your choice--a personal website, a resume, a LinkedIn profile--and receive feedback from peers and professionals.
  • How-To Sessions. Learn how to produce a top-notch resume, how to use LinkedIn, and how to write a winning personal statement.