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Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars
​​Learn about the various elements of communities and how to advocate for communities through education, awareness, and service. 

Arts Scholars​
Create an arts focused community for intellectual, social and civic development.

Biological Sciences Scholars​
Gain exposure to research opportunities while exploring diverse career pathways in the biological sciences.

Business Scholars​
Examine business, its practice and its environment at the Fisher College of Business.

Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars​
Recognize the importance of sport in our society and create lifestyles that value activity, wellness and health.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars​
Understand the entrepreneurial process by leveraging university resources and support while connecting with like-minded students and the startup community.​

Environment and Natural Resources Scholars​
Analyze and appreciate global environmental issues while exploring the natural world that surrounds us.

Engineering Scholars​
Contemplate the adoption of socially responsible practices within engineering as a means to minimize health risks and environmental impact and maximize efficiency, feasibility and sustainability.

Health Sciences Scholars​
Investigate career opportunities in health sciences and health care.

Humanitarian Engineering Scholars​
Focus on the themes of service-learning and social responsibility within engineering as a means to improve the well-being and meet the needs of an underserved community.

Humanities Scholars​
Engage in the fields of literature, languages, philosophy, history and culture.

International Affairs Scholars​
Explore world affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective, consider the intersection of global, national, and local issues, and develop a global mindset.

Law and Society Scholars​
Explore legal and societal issues from a practitioner’s perspective, with a focus on the nature of advocacy.

Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars​
Develop expertise in technological skills and get hands on experience experimenting with today's cutting-edge digital media.

Mount Leadership Society Scholars​
Cultivate leadership skills and commit to community service.

STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars​​
Explore possible careers and engage within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields through mentoring, tutoring, and local community outreach programs. ​